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Clay Outreach as a Service.

Clay is the #1 AI outreach tool in the market. It is hard to master, but once you do, you may expect ludicrous results. 

Ideal Customer Persona Setting
Custom Data Pull
Copywriting Prompts

About Us

Clay has become the default AI Outreach tool. Prompting the right way and obtaining scalable outputs is hard. We help.

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AI Outreach 

Clay is the way

Targeted icp lists

AI Lists

Clay can scrape lists that aren’t accessible to other tools out there.

trigger based outreach

Human-like prospecting

Be the first to reach your prospect’s inbox.


Smart Outreach

AIs making sense out of unique data = market domination.


"Charles changed the game for us by generating over a 100 qualified leads for our next round of investment in less than a month or two."

Sunny Ray, CGO UnoCoin

"Charles is the best AI Sales expert out there, in my opinion. Top level skills + unique attitude + brilliant mindset. One in a billion."

Matheus Pagani, VentureMiner CEO

"Charles has built my entire outbound marketing email campaign from scratch. I continue to hire hime to consult and improve on my teams current strategies. 10/10 recommend."

Daniel Meursing, CEO PremierStaff

Full Clay as a Service

From Scrape to Outreach

need a list? we’ve got you.

Customize your outreach at scale.

AIs can think just like humans. Meaning they can personalize your outreach at scale.

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